Smarter Web Browsing on Smartphones and Tablets

If you wanted to look further into what that word you came upon is all about, you probably would go through the process of selecting that word on your touchscreen, copy and paste it in the search box of a browser and press search. This does not only sound troublesome, but could actually be stressful when you are only trying to look up something so simple; a word.

Phroni is ran based on our proprietary machine-learning engine, and has been specifically developed to solve this problem; Phroni automatically extracts keywords that are likely to be of interest and turns them into links, allowing easy access to related content from Wikipedia, images, videos, and web searches, among other sources.

Turning Keywords into Links

Phroni uses machine-learning to automatically assume what keywords might interest the user, and alters them into links. This technology has been developed based on academic research for accurately extracting interesting keywords.

Dynamic Content Aggregation

Phroni aggregates content related to the keywords and displays them on a small widget. It automatically gathers links which offer the users immediate access to related content, such as Wikipedia, images, videos, and web searches.